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Planning Services

We are able to offer a stand alone planning service as well as integrated planning and architectural design.
We are used to and enjoy working with a wide range of other consultants, solicitors and lawyers to help our clients develop planning strategies pre submission or during the application process.

The team are specialists in handling change in environmentally sensitive areas- National Parks, AONB’s, Conservation Areas, SSSI’s and Listed Buildings.

Our planning service is reinforced by appropriate designs that use our considerable experience of commercial needs, listed buildings, conservation issues, advertising, retailing, infill development, design briefs and advising planning authorities.

We have a track record of negotiating acceptable development packages and forms of development. We act as development consultants to both public and private clients in south central England. Undertaking a wide range of work which includes masterplans, whole farm plans, pre-planning strategy, public participation, appeal inquiries and structure/local plan submissions.

Planning Applications

Most of the work we undertake will require the submission of a planning application. Because we are both Architects and Town Planners we are able to consider the implications of any proposals in planning terms at a very early stage, usually at feasibility.

We are pleased to act as expert witnesses, as planning advisors and agents for projects where we are not providing architectural services and to help individuals and groups object to planning applications that are of concern.


Planning Appeals

Whilst we would always prefer to negotiate an appropriate solution this is sometimes not possible and a planning or enforcement appeal becomes necessary. As well appealing decisions where we have acted as agents we are also experienced at taking on planning appeal work after a decision or enforcement notice has been issued. We are often asked to review planning decisions and advise on whether or not it would be sensible to consider going to appeal.

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